Thank You & You’re Welcome

July 15, 2018 | by: Dan Peters | 0 comments

To our guests, these are two phrases that we all want to say to you.

Thank you for visiting with us.

We know determining where you and your family will go to church is a big decision. We’ve all been there before. Like any commitment, this one requires research and discussion. Knowing that you probably did that before coming here, we say thank you! What an honor!

You’re welcome here.

Youre WelcomEveryone desires a safe place to belong, and we want Wake Chapel to be that. A place where judging eyes look at the plank in their own eye first before jumping to conclusions about others. A place where you know that you and your children will be taught God’s truth, and not just someone’s opinion. A place where you can use your talents to serve in the community. A place where you’re free to ask questions and discuss some of life’s most important questions. A place where you may not know everyone (yet), but where you will have opportunities to make new and lifelong friendships.

We hope that Wake Chapel will be that place for you, and that it will be a place you soon call ‘home.’

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