Thinking About Church

January 27, 2013 | by: Ross Marion | 0 comments

From the PastorHow do you respond when someone asks, “What kind of church do you attend?” We are grateful to God for our name and our heritage. Talk about these things. Let me suggest another thought or two. It can be said that we are biblical in content, gracious in attitude, authentic by nature and relevant in approach. I believe these expressions indicate we place:

  • More emphasis on content, less on cosmetics
  • More importance on depth, less on size
  • More interest in exalting Christ, less on ourselves
  • More care for people than for bricks, mortar and steel
  • More concern for those who have yet to come to Christ

Think it over. Are not these wonderful ways for a church to live and serve the Lord in our community?

The Christian Sun was a paper published by the denomination of which Wake Chapel was once a part. Some copies are in our history room. A 1962 issue contained the following article. It is in keeping with our thinking about the church. Let me share it with you.

Enter the Sanctuary a little before the service begins. Enter expectantly. God has promised to meet you there. Whisper a prayer. When the first hymn is announced, open your book to the hymn. If you feel that you cannot sing, follow the words. Bow your head and close your eyes during prayer.

As you make your offering of money, breathe a prayer that God will accept it and use it for His glory. During the special music be attentive and prayerful. Seek the message of the music.

When the minister stands to preach, pray for him, listen to him. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide your thoughts. When the invitation is given, let prayer and reverence prevail. Be silent, except to sing.

This do and you will leave worship saying, “It was good to have been in the house of the Lord.”

With gratitude for Wake Chapel!


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