Thinking About Fathers

June 16, 2013 | by: Ross Marion | 0 comments

pastor_pen4Brother, son, uncle, cousin…all titles given to men depending on family situations. As wonderful as these titles and the relationships they represent, there is another which supersedes all other designations. It's “dad.” When my children were growing up they always called me "daddy." Somewhere in their college years I became simply "dad." Interestingly enough, my daughter will once in a while revert to daddy. When that happens, I know she has a problem or is deeply distressed. What blessed words "dad" or "daddy." They portray honor. It is a privilege from heaven itself to bear that title. It reflects respect. Not "old man" or some other less than endearing expression. "Dad" speaks of uniqueness. My children, as do yours, have other family members, friends, acquaintances and business associates. But they have only one dad. Every dad is therefore unique. No one else in the lives of our children has that privilege and responsibility. Dad, you are unique.

I thank God for all the dads in our congregation. May God bless and keep you and may you find continuing joy as you hear your children say "dad."

Happy Father's Day,


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