What God Has Joined Together - Matthew 19:6

June 3, 2013 | by: Ross Marion | 0 comments

From the PastorThe Lord Jesus Christ was very plain in all His teachings, especially in the spiritual and moral areas of life. He spoke frankly and finally about marriage and its responsibilities. The world we live in doesn't think so, but there are some absolutes. God's principles and precepts are absolute. In spite of the growing spirit of carelessness, disregard and even rebellion concerning the commands of Christ, they still and forever will stand. This sense of carelessness, because it is so much a part of our world, has overflowed into the church. Christians find creative ways of justifying and rationalizing decisions and lifestyles. Some think they are free to go in and out of marriage as though it were no more than an arrangement of convenience. It is said "I don't love him/her anymore" or "he/she has changed" or some other equally thoughtless remark.

Let me urge you to reconsider your marriage relationship, your vows to God, and your responsibility to your family. Those who have a happy and wholesome marriage need to thank God for it and never take it for granted. Work at it. Pray over it. Love each other. If you are having problems, seek spiritual help and counsel.

Your home is crucial for you and your family! Make it a good one. Remember also that your home impacts your church. No church will ever rise higher than the homes and families which make up your church family.

Yours for happily and permanently joined homes!


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