Who Is God?

August 21, 2017 | by: Ross Marion | 0 comments

Taken from the Princeton Theologian of an era past — B.B. Warfield, as he discussed John 3:16 

“We shall not make the slightest step forward in un-derstanding our text, for instance, so long as we per-mit ourselves to treat the great term ‘God’ merely as the subject of a sentence . . . When we pronounce the word we must see to it that our minds are flood-ed with some (wondering) sense of God’s infinitude, of His majesty, of His ineffable exaltation, of His holiness, of His righteousness, of His flaming purity and stainless perfection. This is the Lord God Almighty whom the heaven of heavens cannot con-tain to whom the earth is less than the small dust on the balance. What we call infinite space is but a speck on the horizon of His contemplation: what we call infinite time is in His sight but as yesterday when it is past. Appareled in majesty and girded with strength, righteousness and judgment are the founda-tions of His throne. He sits in the heavens and does whatsoever He pleases. . .”

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