Why Do You Share?

October 8, 2017 | by: Seth Carter | 0 comments

Pastors pen GEveryone has different reasons. Some reasons are more rousing than others. But when it comes to you, what is your motivation to share the gospel with others?

Determining your highest motivation for reaching others with the good news should increase your sense of urgency. It will also help keep your spirits high when sharing your faith with others isn’t as easy as you hoped it would be. For most people, knowing that you should do something doesn’t produce as good of results as knowing why you should do something. Firmly knowing your purpose in a matter will increase your efficiency in it.

Is it out of obedience to God? “God told every Christian to share the gospel, and make disciples. It’s a command, straight from the Bible. God told me to, and that’s all the motivation I need.”

Is it because of your love for God? “I’m so thankful that God, in His abundant grace and mercy, saw fit to love me. Me! Of all people! I’m so unworthy, yet He loves me. After receiving that kind of love, I can’t help but do the same for others, and tell them about Jesus. That’s what our purpose in life is anyway, right?”

Is it because you know your friends need Jesus now? “I see a world where it looks like sin is winning. Addictions, temporary satisfactions, hatred, selfishness, and broken relationships are destroying my friends’ lives. They’re like sheep without a shepherd. My friends need to know that Jesus alone can give the abundant life they’re looking for. He’s doing it for me! It’d be cruel of me to hold that back from them!"

Is it your knowledge of the eternal implications? “Okay. Heaven and Hell. They’re real. Not just a state of mind, or some spirit realm. Real. And they’re forever. The Bible clearly explains Hell as a real place. A really, REALLY bad place. Worse than any-one can even imagine probably. Believing that, why would I not share the gospel with everyone I know? I want them to go to Heaven where everything is perfect, and we’ll be with God forever!”

So what is it for you? Can I encourage you to tell someone in church your top motivation today, and listen to theirs as well?

Motivated to share,

Seth Carter

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