Why Youth Ministry?

August 5, 2013 | by: Seth Carter | 0 comments

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Why do we even have this thing called "Youth Ministry?" Is it really so important that a church should hire someone to solely work with that group of people? I mean, we don't have a pastor for senior adults, or for little kids either. Youth ministry isn't even something the Bible talked about, is it?

Sadly, there are some people who still don't agree with the need for active youth ministry. Some people may even make the drastic mistake of thinking their youth ministry doesn't need them. My response to that thought is, “Absolutely not!", and I think because of my experience I am in a credible position to say so. The prayer support and physical involvement from people I (young and old) are vital to the success of youth ministry. The more you begin to see the "you" in youth ministry, the more relevant it becomes.

I pray that today you would witness the purpose and value of the youth ministry at Wake Chapel where youth ministry is defined as ministry not just for the youth, but also by the youth. More than any other age group, I believe the younger generation has the most influence in today's society. Consequently, they desperately need Christ centered leadership and opportunities in which they can follow God and grow in wisdom and faith together. He has issued a command to all His followers to be world changers, disciples, fishers of men, rescuers, and His representatives. He has not called us to a spirit of timidity, apathy, or to be trendy, but rather has sanctified us so that we can reflect His light in a dark world. Youth ministry can be one of God's most successful methods He uses to show an accurate depiction of Himself to the world. Doesn't that sound like something you want to get involved with?

Our youth inspire me daily, and I'm glad you get to share that experience with me today!

Seth Carter

Youth Pastor

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