Sunday School

At Wake Chapel we believe Sunday School is important not just for children but for everyone because we know studying the Bible is essential to Christian growth. In Sunday School, we have a part in teaching and discipling young and old alike through the ministry of the Word. Our goal is to present each pupil from grandchild to grandparent complete in Jesus Christ (Col. 1: 28-29)

We also know that what happens in Sunday School will affect the future of the church. The future of the church is impacted by the spiritual maturity of its members, and in order to become spiritually mature, there must be sound spiritual nourishment and training. Our teachers are committed to teaching the Bible and committed to their class as the ministry God has given to them.
Our Sunday School classes are organized as follows:
Class Name Location Teachers (rotating) / Curriculum
Infants 109  
Toddlers & Twos 112  
PreK (3 & 4 Years) 113 Gospel Light
K & 1st grade 117 Answers in Genesis
2nd & 3rd grade 125 Answers in Genesis
4th & 5th grade 124 Answers in Genesis


Class Name Location Teacher(s) / Curriculum
6th - 8th grade 224 & Zoom Bible Studies for Life
9th - 12th grade 222 & Zoom currently studying James


Adults (Unless otherwise stated, classes are co-ed and of mixed ages.)
Class Name Location
Teacher(s) / Curriculum
Ambassador 214 & Zoom currently in Matthew 
Barnabas FLC & Zoom verse by verse study of Acts
Chapel Bible Class (Women only) Zoom The life of Jesus as presented in John's Gospel
College and Career 231 & Zoom 1 & 2 Peter
Delighting in God's Grace (DIGG) 216 & Zoom currently in the book of Romans and will soon be studying Daniel
Men's Bible Class Church Parlor Union Gospel Press Quarterly
Mixed Adult 212 & Zoom Key verses in each book of the New Testament
Pioneer 217 & Zoom Joshua, Judges, & Ruth
Practical Christianity 210 & Zoom Various books of the Bible using Bible Expositor and Illuminator Quarterly.  Currently studying Romans.