The Great Commission is found in Matthew 28:19-20. It is something our church endeavors to carry out. Missionary work and the missionary support are important. This support for missions includes prayer, letters of encouragement, gifts, and offerings. A major portion of our budget is allocated to missions.
Our missionaries (see list below) are located in the United States and abroad. They are involved in a wide variety of ministries: Bible translating, Christian education, camp ministry, counseling, and Christian broadcasting, among others. Children, teenagers, and unreached people are the focal groups for some of the missionaries.
Mission Agency (click the name for more information) Name
The Alliance Michael and Valerie Stephens
Avant Ministries Fran and Judy Schmidt
Amazing Grace Adoptions General Support
Baptist Mid-Missions James and Lauren Peavey
  John Wilburn
Bible Broadcasting Network General Support
CRU (previously Campus Crusade for Christ) Ashley & Heather Holleman
Caribbean Christian Center for the Deaf General Support
Carolina University
(formerly Piedmont International University)
General Support
Child Evangelism Fellowship General Support
Chosen People Ministries Micheal Zinn
Crossworld Dan Standridge
Dallas Theological Seminary Student Aid
EHAD Ministries Bonnie Pearson
Endure International Hanna Shahin
Faith Road Ministries Tony Pierzchala
Fellowship International Missions John Asmah
Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry, Inc General Support
Gideons International General Support
Hand of Hope Pregnancy Resource Center General Support
House of Hope General Support
Lighthouse Ministries General Support
Pioneers - Asia Missionary Support
Siloam Missionary Homes General Support - Snow Camp, NC
South Wake Bible Institute General Support
Teams for Medical Missions General Support
Teen Valley Ranch Christian Camp and Retreat Center General Support
Thru The Bible Radio General Support
Trans World Radio Cary Office Support
  Scott & Naren Hollinger
  Lee & Lonna Lowell
  Randy & Rose Sieg
Wake County Salvation Army  General Support
Water Missions International General Support
How to give to missions:

All missions giving at Wake Chapel must be designated. That is, if contributors don't specify anything on the memo line of their check, all giving will go to the general operational fund, and none will go toward missions.

Wake Chapel giving to the general fund has also been exceptionally generous, and needs to continue to support our programs and outreach, thanks to you all. We encourage people to prayerfully consider designating a portion of giving to missions. For example, if your total check is for $100, on the memo line you could designate "Missions $15, General Fund $85."

Our missions budget totals will be used to allocate your undesignated missions giving (like the $15 above) to each of our budgeted missions on a quarterly basis. Alternatively, if you wish to allocate some or all of your missions giving to one or more individual approved Wake Chapel missions agency, please feel free to do that. Just indicate the individual missions' names and amounts on the memo line of the check, based on how God moves your heart. All giving designated for an individual mission will be set aside directly for that mission, before undesignated missions giving is allocated.