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The membership of Wake Chapel is called to create a loving and safe community of faith that seeks the welfare of all its members and visitors. This includes a commitment to the protection of all children, the elderly and any other persons participating in the activities and programs of Wake Chapel. Abuse, exploitation, or harassment in any form — physical, emotional, or sexual — is improper and should be prevented by whatever appropriate means possible.

The Board of Deacons and the Board of Christian Education jointly recognize the need and responsibility to establish formal, written policies and guidelines designed first and foremost to protect children and prevent the opportunity for, or the appearance of, any type of abuse to a minor. Establishment of such policy and guidelines is not intended to be judgmental or based on any lack of trust in a particular member or volunteer worker. Instead, the policies and guidelines are needed for the general protection of infants, pre-schoolers, children, youth, members, employees and volunteers involved in various activities at Wake Chapel. Ultimately, we believe that fostering awareness of appropriate and inappropriate behaviors will exhibit an environment of love, respect and honor toward others.

View our Risk Management Policy here